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Do you have a personal story to share?  Perhaps you’ve thought about writing your personal experience with addiction so others might learn from your story, and didn’t know how or where to start.  Hearing other’s stories, whether it was from reading or a group session, may have influenced your own healing and recovery.  Realizing you are not alone can be liberating, and can open the door to a new life. Could your story do the same for others?

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Here are a few questions to help you get started:

· How did your addiction begin?

· How or when did you know that you had a problem?

· What was the moment when you hit bottom?

· Was there a certain person or specific event that inspired you to change?

· How long have you been clean?

· What challenges do you still experience?

· How has life been since you’ve been clean?

· Do you have any insights or advice you’d like to share?

Upon submission, we will review and edit as necessary to ensure appropriateness for the Healing Voices Project website. We will not publish without final approval from the person submitting their story.

Please allow a few weeks for us to review and edit prior to final approval and website display.  You can contact us anytime to modify and or change content. It is your story, and we’ll respect your choices, as long as the content remains suitable for the website.


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